Digital Health Check

At FocusMax we begin our relationship with what we call the Digital Health Check [more]

Digital Marketing

You don’t need three people doing SEO or SEM, you don’t need someone increasing “impressions” [more]

Onsite Facilitation

We have Professional Facilitators all over the country ready to work with your dealership [more]

Ongoing Strategies

The final phase of our coaching is assisting in the setup of ongoing marketing strategies [more]

You are the envy of all the other dealerships – you’ve got all the really cool digital tools, you have a professional website, someone from the design company supported by the Manufacturer keeping your page fresh and up-to-date – you are truly in touch with your Digital Footprint. Your three SEO providers say you are optimized and your SEM had 30,376,450 impressions with less than a 10% bounce rate! You are Super CyberDealer – the master of your domain for sure! Or are you? What does last month’s bottom line look like? How many prospects did you get? How many of them purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle from you? How much did you spend? What’s Real, Relevant and getting the Results you are looking for? Partner with FocusMax, LLC to keep your business alive and thriving in the Digital world!

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